Monday, April 20, 2009

Marathon Mania

Today (Monday) is a Special Day in Boston, the blossoms are starting to come out, the Red Sox are playing in Fenway, the most prestigious marathon is taking place, and it's Massachusett's Patriot's Day. Patriot's day is like Utah's Pioneer day, and since we live by the Old North Church that means hoards of people dressed up in wool overcoats, tights, and pirate hats tooting their flutes, banging drums and wielding muskets.

Kali felt a little better today, so we headed to Copley Square to watch the runners come in.

The finish line is right infront of the library. It was pretty crowded, there were flags from all over the world and my favorite runner was this man here.

My picture doesn't do him justice, but if you look close you can see that he has a prosthetic leg.What the picture doesn't show is that both of his legs are prosthetic.


This beautiful building here is the old south church.

We then went for a nice stroll down Commonwealth Ave.

The second best part of the day was this view

This is a view of the Boston Public Gardens

And this is a statue of the notorious

George Washington

The Best part of the whole day however, was

Now it was not by any means a Chicato dog, but it was so good!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Anything is Possible

My wifey is pregnant. Aside from the little miracle growing now within her womb, other miracles are beginning to happen.

We all know how icicles are f
ormed. As water melts in one place, flows to another and then drips leaving spiky ice swords hanging from gutters, awnings and car bumpers.

Well, with faith, good works and a pure heart things that were once impossible are now everyday occurrences.


I call it...

Miracle On Tileston St!